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Pinwheel Media is a multimedia design agency

Founded in 2007, Pinwheel Media is a design studio specializing in creating strong branding and interactive designs. Our combination of business intelligence, integrated Internet SEO marketing experience, user-centered website design, and technological expertise always delivers optimal results. Our mission is to provide our clients “Valuable Solutions with Visible Results.”

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Grow Your Business With Us

Pinwheel Media is a multimedia design agency sculpted from the industry’s top interactive designers, Flash game designers, 3D animators, illustrators and web developers. This backbone of skill and knowledge enables Pinwheel to maximize the impact for your company using the latest and most advanced technology; which in turn enables you to maximize the opportunities in your desired business vertical.

Our robust recognition of how the Internet is a powerful source of advertising and revenue for large and small companies is what drives our visions in every project.

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We are only successful when you succeed! We believe our featured list of customers speaks volumes about our company and its abilities.

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Generate Excitement

At Pinwheel Media, we do not believe that one size fits all. We take the time to cater solutions to your business, enabling the results you want!

We offer the most fitting technology solution for you, which could be local or globally distributed, giving you the best of both worlds. Everything we produce will generate excitement, establish a long term emotional connection with your target audience, and provide actual results helping you gain ground over your competitors.

Our Work

Our portfolio of work shows a wide range of creative styles and solutions for a variety of our clients. We undertake a wide range of projects, from interactive media, Flash games, 2D and 3D animation, illustrations, print, web design and development and various other web-centric specialties.

Our multi-disciplined approach allows strategies to be implemented across every medium to meet the needs of our clients. From concept to completion, we pride ourselves on becoming an essential part of your business.

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What Pinwheel Media Has To Offer

We use our skills and resources to create an effective design that will boost your business performance. Pinwheel Media combines strategic and creative website design with online marketing services like search engine strategies and social media optimization to better communicate your message and convert your visitors into clients.

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