Rate Plans and Payment Options

Rate Plans and Payment Options

The Rate Plan and Payments Options policy was last updated on January 1, 2012.

Whether you’re an industrial client needing ongoing website management or a tradesman needing a small change to your site there is a plan to fit your needs.

Hourly Rate: If you have an ongoing project, or you don’t know how much time a project will take, you can hire us for a fixed rate per hour. All services performed under this plan will be billed monthly. Our minimum upfront payment fee is for 3 hours. After 3 hours, we’ll continue working, and request payment every $500 worth of work.

Retainer Rates: Lower rates are available depending on the number of hours you require. This guarantees you a block of time every week/month according to our agreement. Unused retainer hours are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Project Rates: Projects are billed at the Hourly Rate but require a 50% deposit of the estimated cost before starting the project. The balance is due upon completion. In the case of a web site, the balance is due before going live.

Important Information About Our Web Services

First Hour of Your Initial Consultation is FREE: During this meeting we will get a feel for the “look” of your business in order to reflect it in your website. All sites built by Pinwheel Media are unique, designed solely for you and your business. Services included are site design, photo editing, programming, working with you on keywords and content, uploading and testing the site. We can also assist with domain name purchases and web hosting. Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is included in web site development but more comprehensive SEO services are available at additional cost.

Rush / Weekend / Holiday Service add 50% per hour. Rush service is when you need something within 24 hours or less which must take preference over other clients’ work in the office. The additional 50% also applies if you request the project be worked on over a weekend or a holiday. No exceptions!

Our Project Schedules: The estimated schedule defines the major tasks to be completed during the life of the project. Individual tasks may be added, deleted or moved as required to meet the demands of the design. The elapsed times are estimates and may vary depending on workload, changes, customer submissions, and third-party service providers.

Scope of Work: Any additional functionality or changes to the functionality within the “agreed” scope of work will require additional time and costs, and will be billed at Pinwheel Media’s hourly rates as set forth in our Service Agreement. Out of scope work can be identified and estimated separately as it comes up through the course of the project.

Professional Website Content Writing Services: It’s the client’s responsibility to provide all content before the project starts. Our estimates does not include any journalistic efforts. If you should decide that you would require journalistic assistance for the content of your site, the estimate will be modified accordingly.

Optional In-Depth Website Analysis Reports: Reports on hits and where they’re coming from, popularity of pages, search engine referrals and keywords are run bi-weekly and compiled until the end of the quarter to give you enough data to review. At the end of the quarter, the report is completed and printed and mailed with an invoice.

Additional Billable Items: Additional expenses may be incurred during the course of your job. These could include domain names, hosting, stock photography, shipping or postage, software purchased at your request, HTML instruction, computer instruction, website design instruction, Website support beyond that specified herein, Fees related to merchant accounts and online payment processing, eCommerce Admin training, Content Management System (CMS) training, etc. These items will be added to your invoice.

Internet Marketing and Other Services

These services can be contracted either hourly, on retainer or by the project. Services include Internet marketing, desktop publishing, photo scanning, computer support, internet research and any other service we agree on.

Estimates vs. Actual Cost

All estimates are given based on the information provided and our experience on how long it should take after reviewing a given project. Some projects will inevitably have something pop up while the job is under way which will make it take longer. Any significant changes will be discussed before going forward.

Our Billing Method

Invoices for services, including ongoing web site maintenance, are sent on the first business day of the month and are due and payable within 15 days. For large projects a deposit will be required before work can begin. Customers will be invoiced via email approximately 2 weeks before payment is due.

• Auto Draft (Preferred): Our preferred payment option is to draft any bank account, similar to a debit card. All we need is for you to fax in the debit authorization form to pay with this method.

• Mailed Check: Mailing a check is the slowest option, of course, but it is still perfectly acceptable. Please make checks out to: Pinwheel Media, LLC, 850 NW Federal Hwy. Stuart, FL 34994.

• Credit card / PayPal: Another method is to pay via PayPal. This will allow you to use any credit card. To pay any amount via PayPal right now, simply go to our Contact page and click on the “Pay Now” button and specify the amount you would like to pay.

Forms of Payment

Pinwheel Media currently accepts payment may be made by business check, money order or PayPal credit card payment. In many cases, the client may be responsible for paying PayPal charges fees. Checks must be in U.S. currency, and must be drawn on a U.S. bank. Wire transfers are accepted for amounts over $500. A $12 service charge applies.

NOTE: Absolutely No Refunds!

Returned or Bounced Checks

Checks returned unpaid (i.e. insufficient funds) are subject to a $50 returned check fee.

Delinquent Accounts

Accounts that are 30 days delinquent in payment of balances due will receive a reminder email. If payment, in full, is not received within 7 days of the reminder, the account will be suspended. Accounts which remain suspended more than 2 weeks are subject to termination. Pinwheel Media, LLC reserves the right to remove all information from the server if account balance is not paid in full in a reasonable time period.

Accounts which are reactivated after having been suspended are subject to a $50 account reactivation fee.

Once your account has fallen to delinquency, it will be forwarded and accelerated to a collection agency. Acceleration means making your entire balance due and payable as of the date of acceleration in a lump sum. At this point, a collection fee of 15 percent for first placement and 30 percent for second placement will be added to your principal and interest balance. If you are sued, you will pay court costs and attorney fees in addition to collection fees; court procedures will take place in Martin County District Court, Florida.

Cancellation Policy

Pinwheel Media, LLC reserves the right to cancel service at any time for any reason. Should Pinwheel Media, LLC cancel hosting service, prepaid monthly fees for service not rendered will be prorated and refunded.

Customers may cancel their hosting accounts at the end of their billing period.

Set-up fees and domain registration fees are not refundable.

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Projects

50% up-front retainer is not refundable, should you change your mind midway through the project. All project files property of Pinwheel Media, LLC, until payment in full has been received.

Terms and Conditions

A signed Contract for Services will be REQUIRED before any work begins. No exceptions!


While we do proof our work, the final proofing is the responsibility of the client. Any errors noted within 5 business days from delivery or launch will be corrected free of charge. After that you will be billed at the contracted hourly rate.

Referral Discount Reward

If you refer a friend or business associate to Pinwheel Media and they become a client you will receive a 10% discount off your next project.

Billing Policies and Prices

Pinwheel Media, LLC reserves the right to change its policies or prices at any time. Prices are guaranteed for the period of pre-payment only.