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Do you want your company to be ‘Liked’ tremendously on Facebook and tweeted about constantly on Twitter, but you have no clue how to make a successful foray into this ever-expanding jungle of social networking sites? Our Social media optimization (SMO) techniques will solve this problem for you! After painstaking research on the subject and sustaining an impeccable record over the years, we have integrated the fine concepts and tricks of SMO into the long list of our achievements.

Now you can learn exactly who is talking about your company, what they are saying, what you need to take notice of and how you can implement changes that would ultimately make you a brand to reckon with. With Pinwheel Media’s unique interactive tactics, Social Media Audit and result-oriented analysis, you will see a rise in your popularity and increase brand awareness. This would be evident through the growth of visitors to your site.

Why Market Myself Through Social Media?

• If you’re obscure in the social media scenario, chances of your business reaching out to the world are slim. You need people to make your brand popular, and for that you need to network vigorously, smartly and effectively through social media sites. Cater to your target audience, make yourself the latest trend and see the growth in your conversion rate.

Marketing through Social Media Sites gives us the grand advantage of connecting to the readily available target audience. The entire world is on these sites, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t use that fact to your benefit. Once you’re able to tap into your target and make a connection with these potential customers, your services and products will market on their own.

• When customers are satisfied with your services or products, they would recommend you to everyone they know through social media platforms. Do you see now how important it is for your brand to make a solid impression on this virtual world?

Our Solution Through Social Media

Social Media Consultation

We don’t take any step without consulting with you first. As soon as you hire our professionals, we would start with researching and understanding your company. And what better way to do that than asking YOU! We want you to tell us about your goals and the objectives you’d like fulfilled through our assistance. We’re interested in knowing about your needs, listen to them very carefully and modify our own approach to suit them. All this is done because we too have a goal – to create success for your company and brand. We use every ace in our deck to make that happen.

Each month we will discuss our services with you and discuss its impact on your business. We’ll to stay involved in your company’s activities by asking you about your future plans. We do this to keep updating our services for the sake of your customers. We’ll also give you ideas on how to improve your marketing strategy and help your business grow.

Management of Social Media and Expert Marketing on Facebook

We’re your Facebook marketing managers now and you can trust us to never let your fans and supporters on Facebook log out without getting the latest update. Every successful detail that we talk about that’s worth mentioning to your customers, including what we discuss as part of your consultation, will make its way to your Facebook Business Page. A lively page would sustain the interest level of your customers.

Our Pinwheel Media SMO team commits to:

• Create a professional yet trendy Facebook Page for your business. We would make it interactive and attractive through photos, graphics, add interesting video clips, relevant and creatively-written articles and a lot more.
• Upload 1 to 3 Facebook posts every day. (“Why not more?” Because we don’t want your business to seem fraudulent or look like spam.)
• Post eye-catching links that lead to your company’s website.
• Make a chain of your followers that would begin by creating enough interest among the present members that they start spreading the word themselves. We have great ideas for every contest that you will hold!

• Create irresistible ads for your Business Page on Facebook for a long and successful execution of Facebook Marketing (Your customers will soon become too many for you to believe).
• Update you with detailed reports of our activities and their impact every month.

Management of Social Media and Expert Marketing on Twitter

We’re now your managers of the social media world and that includes the ever-vibrant world of Twitter. We will make sure that by our regular and innovative ways of tweeting about your business, it would leap forward in its customer support, popularity and thus, prospects.

Our Pinwheel Media marketing team commits to:

• Consult with you during the entire designing of our impressive Twitter plan.
• Create your Twitter account with an appealing background design.
• Tweet daily, up to 5 messages per day.
• Take interest in your customer base as well, and follow at least 5 people out of them per day. The good news with Twitter is that there’s a good probability that they’d follow you back, especially considering your Twitter popularity.
• Website linking. Twitter Marketing – This would compel your customers to purchase from you.
• Detailed reports.

Management of Social Media and Expert Marketing on LinkedIn

Linkedin is the perfect platform for you to establish your business identity as an expert among fellow professionals, exchange ideas with them and even kick-start a good business relationship with the members. You can have your own profile, group and also, business page on LinkedIn to expand your presence and make valuable connections. We’ll manage all this for you.

Our Pinwheel Media Marketing team promises to:

• Make an appealing personal profile as well as a professional profile of your company (The logo and your picture would be displayed)
• Make a LinkedIn group
• Post daily, 1 or 2 posts on your profile
• Keep updating the Business Profile
• Initiate interesting discussions in the group
• Market your business page through the attractive ads on Linkedin (Advertising service will cost you extra)
• Connect you with other professionals

Let’s Launch Your Brand’s Campaign on Social Media!

All this adds up to great results on search ranking. In today’s world, that rightfully makes you the certified expert. Everyone would line up to do business with you. You’d strengthen the past relations with your customers and make many more on a daily basis. We know your potential and that’s why it’s a pleasure to work with you. Putting your business in the limelight and giving you the fame that you deserve is what we’re best at. Our management of the social media has never failed to reap satisfactory results. You can know a lot more about us by liking us on Facebook. You can also follow our company on Twitter. Feel free to ask us whatever you need to know. Let us know when you’re ready to take over the virtual world!

Please also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We are ready to make you social!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We also offer Social Media marketing services in other platforms like: YouTube, Google Plus+, Merchant Circle, Squidoo, Pinterest, Orkut, Flickr, Stumbleupon, MetaCafe, Badoo, Reddit and many more…

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